In the last seven years, the College of PE has undertaken nearly 500 research projects in various fields of petroleum engineering. The received research funding reaches 243 million Yuan. 57 patents were authorized, and 25 monographs were published. There are 843 published papers. During the period of time, the faculty members have earned a number of scientific research awards, including 1 the first-class national science and technology progress award, 2 the second-class national science and technology progress award, 4 the first-class Shaanxi provincial science and technology progress award, 2 the second-class Shaanxi provincial science and technology progress award, 3 the third-class Shaanxi provincial science and technology progress award.

Research Interests


Department of Petroleum Engineering include:

l  Rock mechanics in oil and gas wells

l  Chemistry and mechanics of drilling and completion fluid

l  Measurement and process control for well engineering

l   Processing and interpretation of well log

l   EOR by thermal means, chemicals flood and gas injection

l   Well test analysis

l   Flow mechanism in low permeability porous media and numerical simulation

l   Oil & gas production engineering and optimization

l  Fine reservoir description and development Assessment

l  Smart well theory and application

l   Water shut-off and profile control

l  Formation evaluation for unconventional resources

l  Characterization of petrophysical properties for unconventional reservoirs

l   Drilling and completion techniques for unconventional reservoirs

l  Stimulated reservoir volume in unconventional reservoirs

l  Numerical simulation and performance prediction in unconventional reservoirs

Department of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering include:

l  Long-distance oil & gas pipeline transportation

l   Multiphase flow, oil-gas gathering, transporting and treating

l   Oil & Gas storage and transportation vs. urban transmission and distribution system

l   Strength of Gas & oil pipeline and oil tank

l  Oil & gas storage and liquefied natural gas

l   Construction, safety and  anti-corrosion of oil & gas storage and transportation facilities

Department of Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering include:

l  Design of marine structures

l   Offshore drilling and well Completion

l   Offshore oil & gas field development and production

l   Offshore oil & gas gathering and transportation

l   Virtual simulation and surveillance in offshore oil & gas engineering